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While Leya's had plenty of experience throughout her life, writing experience comes in the form of writing several books and spending some time doing copy writing for an internet marketing company.

Leya's work has gotten compliments such as: "It breathes", "I've worked with English graduates that don't write as well as you", and "easy to read".
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Leya is proficient at creating keyword-based articles, non-fiction and fiction articles, and book descriptions.


Literature (particularly as it applies to speculative fiction and clean romance genres), healthy living, cooking, blogging, graphic design, dance, parenting.


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Leya B has enjoyed working in the publishing industry, writing books, book descriptions, and reviews. Her experience as an author and working with award-winning author and publishing expert, Laine Cunningham, has helped shape her experience and taught her much about the field.

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Leya maintains her author blog, but has experience writing blog posts for other companies. She takes pride in producing articles that are well-researched in order to create relevant and engaging posts, no matter where they're being posted.


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Having written 3 published books (fantasy, poetry, and memoir), two unpublished books (both fiction), and several short stories, a short foray into ghostwriting was an obvious next step. She had the honor of working with editor Gwen Weiler, who was lead on the projects, both nonfiction.

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