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Justine is a freelance writer and content specialist living in Rhode Island, USA, who provides creative content for small and medium-sized businesses.

Her portfolio includes optimized content in the form of articles, blog posts, FAQs, news bulletins, press releases and video scripts. Justine offers structured formats such as How-tos, Top Tips, and Infographics, as well as creative, long-form featured content. All creative is polished to perfection and optimized for social sharing and search using metadata.

A lifelong learner, Justine is driven by her curiosity for all things containing a human element, and she thrives on providing specific content needs, meeting deadlines, and maintaining the highest degree of professionalism.


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Justine F's Article Product Experience

250 Projects Completed

Write web-based articles that follow best practices for current search engine algorithms.

Use the "rules of engagement" for publishing material that gets read, shared and promoted. (Hint: the number one rule is Know Your Audience.)

Industry Projects

  • Legal500+
  • Business20+
  • Travel20+
  • Search Marketing10+
  • Medical10+
  • Health9
  • Finance8
  • Humor6
  • Women6

Summary of Industry Experience


With over 10 years of experience in the legal space, Justine F. is a veteran content creator on various legal topics and practice areas written for attorney and law firm websites. Content includes articles, blogs, FAQs, video scripts, and news bulletins.

Justine has also edited content published in the New York Law Journal for both the print and digital editions. She collaborates with senior partners, attorneys and paralegals to produce engaging, informative content for B2B and B2C legal clients.


As a licensed eCommerce consultant and content marketer, Justine F. understands how to create, produce and distribute content in today's digital environment that gets found and consumed by qualified prospects.


Justine has created content and promotional materials for small business clients in the Caribbean, including creation of a branded newsletter. She has also garnered placements in various niche publications for travel clients via promotional outreach.

Justine F. creates and/or chooses stunning visuals for travel industry clients, and she ensures these assets are properly tagged with metadata for maximum reach and exposure.

Search Marketing

Blogger for the Klat Blog Network. In this role, Justine researches and writes weekly blog posts relating to finding employment in the state of Nevada.
This requires writing optimized posts using a journalistic style and methodology that balances information on any given subject. The AP style is used when appropriate.
Blogs are created with attention to key Meta tags and details for blog posts, such as images, tags, and profile.


Justine has written SEO articles and blog posts about medical conditions for an attorney website in the disability practice area.
This required her to research and write on various skin conditions, including adult acne for a holistic website client. In addition, she has extensive knowledge of car crash injuries and has written broadly on the topic of healthcare treatments after a car accident.
Also wrote articles on health and medical subjects that were submitted and accepted to eZines.com for link building.


Wrote optimized articles on candida infections, special dietary needs, such as for diabetics, and adult acne.

This content was for an entrepreneurial, eCommerce client.


Produced web content, principally but not exclusively for Internet marketers. This role required full length articles that positioned the clients as thought leaders while advancing their names in the search engine rankings.

Wrote How-to articles on franchisee financing, and the franchise industry that incorporated long-tail keywords to drive niche traffic to the client's site.


Penned a holiday humor piece that was published in a local print publication.

Justine has also created humorous blog posts and creative writing pieces for web publications. Some recent posts were for a client who ran a blog dedicated to college graduates, and a few pieces for dating websites.


Justine has written content for a law firm that exclusively represents women in the divorce process. Efforts included writing search engine optimized legal articles for a family law practice.
Provided client with well researched, informative and authoritative content that is easily understood by the reader, and that answers specific legal questions in this practice area.
Formats included feature articles, FAQs, posts, and How-to narratives.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Blog Post100+
  • Web Page10+
  • Press Release10+

Summary of Product Experience


Write web-based articles that follow best practices for current search engine algorithms.

Use the "rules of engagement" for publishing material that gets read, shared and promoted. (Hint: the number one rule is Know Your Audience.)

Blog Post

Professional blogger for the Klat Network as well as a ghostwriter on numerous blogs in varied industries.

Justine F. has been writing professionally for 13 years and brings her sustained passion and focus for her craft to each project and every client.

Web Page

Web page proofing, evaluation, and rewriting services. Bring high-level critiques based on user interface (UI) expertise and certified Internet marketer knowledge and training.

Work with clients seeking web business in order to maximize site opportunities to convert visitors into customers.

Press Release

PR Assistant for an online university for four years. Interviewed instructors to formulate on-site course descriptions; as well as for press release quotes.

Crafted newsworthy stories in AP press release style that I distributed over wire services for the organization.

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