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Jessica is an organized, responsible freelance worker with the patience and motivation to see that a project gets done correctly and on time. Her strengths lie in detail-oriented work. The task she enjoyed most working as an internet marketing manager was her role as editor for her content writing team. It allowed her the opportunities to train and encourage others as well as grow in her own writing skills. Her clients ranged from small businesses to internationally recognized corporations. She learned a lot about a wide variety of industries including medicine, art, environmental science, industrial services, home repair, home decor, historical sites, home construction and property management, to name a few.

Jessica's educational history is varied. She holds a bachelor's degree in computer science. She also worked as a pharmacy technician for many years and completed her pre-requisites for pharmacy school before becoming a parent. So, she is interested in and familiar with many areas of science. She also studied theology and biblical studies at Liberty University.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Jessica has written for both the salon industry and the medical esthetician industry. The beauty industry seems to ebb and flow. Professional hair and skin care are both built on centuries of fashion and science working together. She finds writing about quality products and new techniques rewarding.

Jessica's mother is a master hairstylist. So, her childhood photo album looks like a timeline of hair. She also studied professional esthetics. So, the ever-changing beauty industry is not only interesting but very familiar to her.

Her most recent articles focused on popular salon services and non-surgical medical esthetician services. Topics include the following: Pravana, Enjoy, Tigi, and Paul Mitchell hair product lines, Brazilian blowouts, keratin treatments, hair color trends, cellulite reduction treatments, Velashape 3, skin firming treatments, and facial fillers.


Jessica spent seven years working as a pharmacy technician and completed her prerequisites for pharmacy school before becoming a parent and leaving the industry. Part of her technician's license requirements included regular continuing education in drug research, clinical trials, and other medical topics. So, she is very familiar with common pharmaceutical terms and retail pharmacy practices.

Her most recent articles written in this area were written for an online pharmaceutical supplier. This company specializes in generic drugs and OTC medical supplies. Topics of her pieces include the following: over the counter drugs, medical supply distribution, and saving money with generics.


Jessica worked for an internal medicine practice as a receptionist and medical records technician for 2 years. She spent the next seven years as a pharmacy technician as she worked on her prerequisites for pharmacy school. After becoming a parent she became interested in homeopathy, naturopathy, and autoimmune disorders. She also has experience working with autistic children. Her studies in both biology and chemistry, in addition to her degree in computer science, make writing about the merge between medicine and technology more interesting.

Jessica has experience writing pieces for pharmaceutical suppliers, chiropractors, dentists, psychiatrists, assisted living facilities, and medical estheticians. Her background in medicine, science, and technology make research on these topics enjoyable. Some of her most recent writing in these fields include the following topics: OTC drugs, saving money with generic drugs, medical supply distribution, sports injuries, laser gum treatments, digital dental impressions, the benefits of mouthwash, how to properly floss, sexual trauma, help for victims of violent crimes, anorexia and bulimia, dialectical behavior therapy, signs of dementia, common myths about assisted living, non-surgical body contouring, facial fillers, and skin tightening techniques.

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Summary of Product Experience


Jessica worked as an internet marketing manager writing and editing SEO articles. Her specialty includes general articles about specific services with the goal always being to help clients find you and contact you. She also enjoys research and articles written to educate readers on topics relating to a variety of industries. Her article writing experience includes the following industries:

* Historic Interpretive Centers / Pioneer History
* Medicine : Pharmaceuticals, Dentistry, Psychiatry, Medical Esthetics, Chiropractic Care, Assisted Living / Senior Care
* Industrial Climate Control Services: Ventilation, Dehumidification, Heating & Cooling
* Beauty: Hair Care / Medical Esthetics
* Art: Art Restoration / Art Galleries / Artist Profiles
* Auto Transport / Driveaway Services
* Commercial & Residential Moving Services
* Environmental Engineering / Consulting / Testing
* Home Decor / Window Treatments
* Repair: HVAC Services / Disaster Cleanup & Repair / Hazard Remediation Services
* Construction: Custom Cabinets / Custom Builders for Home & Business
* Entertainment: Film lighting / Shows / Group Activities
* Home Entertainment: AV Installation / Home Theaters

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