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Jessica is an organized, responsible freelance worker with the patience and motivation to see that a project gets done correctly and on time. Her strengths lie in detail-oriented work. The task she enjoyed most working as an internet marketing manager was her role as editor for her content writing team. It allowed her the opportunities to train and encourage others as well as grow in her own writing skills. Her clients ranged from small businesses to internationally recognized corporations. She learned a lot about a wide variety of industries including medicine, art, environmental science, industrial services, home repair, home decor, historical sites, home construction and property management, to name a few.

Jessica's educational history is varied. She holds a bachelor's degree in computer science. She also worked as a pharmacy technician for many years and completed her pre-requisites for pharmacy school before becoming a parent. So, she is interested in and familiar with many areas of science. She also studied theology and biblical studies at Liberty University.