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Doug is a longtime senior technical writer in Silicon Valley. He's the writer of twenty plays performed or recognized nationally, including two in New York. Also a longtime magazine humor columnist, he is experienced in writing grants, lyrics, and more.


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Twenty years experience writing and managing for numerous high-tech companies. Procedural and reference docs, online help, knowledge base, and managed content. Hardware, software, networking, security, and many other product types. Wide range of audiences, from end-users to system administrators and developers. Highly adaptable to product and authoring technologies, and varied style standards.


Doug has been a popular humor columnist since 1996. An experienced director, actor, and designer, he is a published playwright, with twenty plays produced or otherwise recognized nationwide – including two off-off-Broadway productions in New York City. His style often uses humor – sometimes dry, sometimes with word play – to entertain while touching on deeper matters for those seeking more than basic entertainment.

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Doug is webmaster for a non-profit association's website. He planned and implemented a site overhaul and redesign, creating a streamlined content map. He evolves the website as the organization and its content grows.

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