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First published in 2006 in two print publications: Bird Watcher's Digest and Pediatrics for Parents.

Work-for-hire online writer since 2011 - blog posts, articles, promotional copy, training course materials.

Published in a literary journal in 2012.
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Human and veterinary medicine, especially public health and cats.


Food, gardening, cat health and husbandry, public health, nature and wildlife


Colorado State University

She received her undergraduate degree in microbiology while also completing the professional veterinary program prerequisites.

Colorado State University

She received her doctorate in veterinary medicine from one of the preeminent veterinary programs in the United States.


5 Projects Completed

Wrote print/online article on feline zoonotic diseases for a monthly medical newsletter for parents.

Wrote a series of informative nutrition/medical articles about a medical condition for a website selling nutritional supplements.

Wrote informational pages for a website about feline external parasites.

Wrote food safety training materials for a nonprofit organization with an emphasis on foodborne disease prevention.


1 Projects Completed

Wrote a print magazine article detailing the biology and habits of the Cooper's hawk for a well-known national birding publication. Article was 600+ words long, written in first person, and targeted at novice bird watchers. This article was purchased by the first publication it was submitted to and required no revision.


6 Projects Completed

Wrote a 900 word article for a medical newsletter produced by a pediatrician for informational purposes for parents.

Wrote a 600 word article for a national bird watching print publication about a particular species of bird and personal observations about members of the species.

Wrote a group of online articles about nutritional supplements and medical conditions for a supplement company's website.

Wrote a group of online articles about feline nutrition for a pet food producer.

Blog Post

2 Projects Completed

Wrote a series of biweekly blog posts over the course of six months for a well-known food storage/emergency preparedness retailer website. Developed lists of proposed blog topics for employer approval. Wrote blog posts with an eye toward informing current and prospective customers while also directing them toward specific products using hyperlinks.

Wrote a series of blog posts about feline parasites for a startup blog on a retail website.

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