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Stephanie found a quote once that read "I began to write because I was too shy to talk and too lonely not to send messages." The more she thought about that quote, the more she found it applying to HER life as well, because she discovered that she had a special talent for writing. In undergraduate and then graduate school, she always looked forward to classes that required a lot of writing, even big term papers, because she knew that she was going to graduate from that class with a very good grade. She wrote a long thesis for her Master's Degree in Education, and her undergraduate education ended with a long composition too. She is comfortable with any academic writing, and has also written creatively many times, too. Since Stephanie has a teaching certificate and has spent many years teaching in the classroom, she can write with authority about anything relating to education.


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This is part of the introduction to Stephanie's Master's Thesis, which was completed in 2012 and was called "Developing Word Recognition Skills in Preschoolers: Employing Analytic Phonics in Reading Lessons." It shows her knowledge of the education field, specifically reading education.


This is a copy of Stephanie's "Educational Philosophy", which every teacher needs to submit with a resume and cover letter. It shows the education she has gotten relating to child development.


Stephanie has started a blog describing some of her activities around town. Each entry is a little humorous and it usually teaches a little lesson. This is an introductory excerpt from the latest entry.

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Blog Post

This is the introduction to a blog past Stephanie wrote recently, where she discusses her adventures around town. Stephanie has been utilizing her creative writing talents for many years.


This is a part of Stephanie's thesis from when she got her Master's Degree in education. She has always been a good academic writer, as well as having quite a bit of knowledge about the field of education.

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