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Over the last 10 years Andrew has worked professionally in the marketing field for projects across a wide range of industries including medical fields, IT and tech support and university education. His professional experience has focused on content creation that incorporates SEO best practices while still achieving both long and short term marketing goals. He is an extremely experienced writer having created copy for magazines and websites in the UK, Canada and the United States.


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Andrew has worked in the technology field professionally for over 7 years both in direct support and in online marketing through SEO and SEM campaigns. His work has focused on the development of best practices in line with Google and other search engine guidelines.

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Andrew has built dozens of full websites across a wide range of industries. In many cases he was also the sole source of content revision and addition during the build-out process and so has written hundreds of SEO optimized pages based on either client input or independent research. He is also very knowledgeable of SEO best practices regarding content formatting and keyword implementation and is capable of implementing them without impacting the readability of the content.

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