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His undergraduate was in Broadcasting and Electronic Media. He has worked extensively in all aspects of the radio industry in both the collegiate and commercial radio settings. His Masters degree is in Education with an emphasis in curriculum writing and instruction. He has spent over 20 years teaching both high school and college students in the religious education setting. He is not one that is satisfied with what has previously worked in his classroom. Times and students change. He is constantly honing and shaping his lesson plans for the times and the students that he is currently teaching. His lessons include doctrine, principles, and application to help his students enjoy a more successful and enjoyable life. His wife and he started writing a lifestyle blog at the beginning of this year.


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Derek and his wife have been married for 20 years and have six wonderful children whom they absolutely adore. You would think they would know what they were doing, right? They are not perfect parents by any stretch of the imagination, but they try their best. He loves to read and write about what makes successful marriages and families work so they can better enjoy the journey of this life together as families.


Derek loves music! Back in his youth, he always loved recording music off of the radio and creating his own, special "mixtapes". He used to work in the radio industry in college and has sung in many choirs over the years. His experience in singing has been usually been limited to church choirs as he was growing up, a brief stint in the Ogden UT Institute Chorale, and now as a seminary teacher where he has sung at least 3 hymns a day for the last 20 years!


Truth be told, Derek loves food! He loves eating it. He loves making it. He loves watching people eat it. He loves the Food Network. He loves the science of food. He loves visiting places famous for their food. His wife and him have a goal someday when the kids are all gone, to tour the United States looking for famous food joints. And, he loves to write about it as well! Yes, it is an obsession.

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Blog Post

Derek and his wife started a lifestyle blog at the beginning of this year called "The C Notes" blog. They looked at all of the important things in their lives and they all happen to center around the letter "C" in one way or another. This has caused them to use some creativity when coming up with blog posts at times. The goal is to share a new post once a week or so. Some posts are be comical and crazy, others have a more "churchy" feel to them. Some contain links to cookies, confections and other culinary cuisines that they enjoy, and others have provided clarity and have been cathartic. They're always clean, they try to be clever, and hopefully they give something that everyone can connect with!


Derek just completed a group of twelve certification projects as part of his professional development for his job. Most of them centered around religious education since that is his line of work. This gave him the opportunity to write several papers and articles on various topics on religion and the application of it to a student's life.


For church, Derek has opportunities to give talks/speeches about once a month. He has always enjoyed public speaking. His radio experience helped him become comfortable with that aspect of his life. As a teacher, his life is basically a speech, although he is not a big fan of the "lecture" mode of teaching. He is much more comfortable in a lively discussion.

Facebook Post

Derek has been on Facebook for the better part of 8 years. He finds it to be a fascinating social experiment! He enjoys posting things and tries to post things that he thinks will be positive, upbeat, and mildly entertaining. He generally limits his posts to what he refers to as the "Four 'F's of Facebook" - Faith, Family, Food, and Funny. Most every post of has to do with one of those four F's.

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