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Julie has been writing online for three years, working primarily for SEO optimization. She can also craft specialized content for private clients who need quality writing for their business websites. In addition to ghostwriting, she has published writing tutorials and guest blog posts for a web content boosting company under her own name.

Julie has over one year of experience editing online content for clarity, efficacy and grammatical correctness. Before her freelance career, she was educated with a Bachelor's degree in English with an emphasis on teaching writing and editing. She also briefly taught 7th grade English.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Julie is an avid researcher, and finds most aspects of legal writing to be fascinating. She is careful to remain objective and attentive to the needs of the client. Julie has been writing articles about family law, personal injury suits, car accidents, and estate planning for over three years for other writing companies and private clients.


Julie enjoys studying nutrition in her spare time, and she takes time to read books and studies about nutrition and how it affects quality of life and overall health. She took classes in nutrition in college and even had nutrition named as her minor before graduation. Topics Julie enjoys writing about include food as medicine, eating for exercise and specific training methods, food sensitivities and allergies, nutrition during pregnancy, and nutrition for children. She also enjoys writing about different disciplines within nutrition, such as differing diet types and fads.


Julie's degree is education-driven, and she has experience actually teaching in a classroom setting. Her extensive web writing has also allowed for plenty of research in the field. She is familiar with homeschooling methods and the challenges of second language learning and adult continuing education. Other aspects of her experience include handling disabilities in the classroom and ways to relate with parents and students over difficult issues like bullying or poor classroom performance.


As a child of a large family, Julie has first-hand experience with issues like sibling rivalry and the challenges of quality time and effective correction. Coming from a blended family, she is also familiar with scenarios involving divorce, custody, and adjusting to step-parents and step-siblings. As an adult, Julie also is a parent and has first-hand experience with the health aspects of pregnancy, recovery and relationship building. She has been on the receiving end of family counseling and has knowledge of the effects of depression, addiction and suicide. She has an adopted sibling and has been involved with the foster care system with several foster siblings.

As for writing, Julie is able to tackle divorce from both a psychological and legal standpoint. She took classes in university on marriage and family, with primary focus on John Gottman's extensive writing and studies. She is also familiar with marriage counseling methods and has written several articles on the topics of family finance, conflict resolution, recovery from addiction and helping children deal with grief. Family matters broach a wide area of other topics, but Julie is an apt researcher and enjoys expanding her experience with any and all family related topics.

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Blog Post

Since working for WriterAccess, Julie has completed several blog posts for clients. She tailors her work to the needs of the client and is responsive to special instructions. She has also written blogs for other clients, always aiming to produce just the right content for the needs of both clients and their readers. Julie understands the casual, but authoritative nature of blog posts, and she strives to establish the connection between the industry and the reader.


Julie had written articles for private clients who need quality content for their business blogs, tutorials for customers, and promotional pieces outlining the uses for new products. Julie also has been an article contributor for an online content company. These articles were meant as light-hearted tutorials for other writers who submitted content to the company.

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