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Rachel graduated from Elon University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts, liberal arts degree. Although her primary passion has always been performing, with her liberal arts degree she has taken a variety of literary and writing classes to round out her formal education. In the past, she has worked for a few other companies that provided small writing assignments; this work included answering specialty questions and providing product descriptions. She is currently working on a book about the Quarter-Life Crisis Phenomenon occurring in the generation of 20-something Millennials.


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Although Rachel has only published a small blurb on faulty relationships in the past, she continues to write about her experiences for entertainment and educational purposes. Some of the relationship writing she does in her freetime will be added to her book regarding the Quarter Life Crisis Phenomenon.

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In Rachel's spare time she works on a web series with one of her friends and writing partners. This series has not be produced as of Summer 2016, but production is anticipated to start by the end of the year. As of August 2016, she has completed five short-form scripts ranging in topics including relationships, roommates, and car accidents involving alligators.

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