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Early in her career, DiAnn would talk to scientists or engineers and learn how their machines or processes worked. Then she would translate that knowledge into solid marketing materials that the customer could understand easily. Her favorite project was learning how to operate complex offset printing presses and producing training videos for new workers. She wrote, shot, and edited the videos as well as writing handouts.

Most recently she turned 1,000 oddly written, frustrating FAQs into 100 articles for her customer's online help center. Now their customers can read instructions on a topic from start to finish, rather than finding and clicking individual FAQs that told only part of the story.

She has also written many customer newsletters, ads, case studies, and more.


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Summary of Industry Experience


DiAnn researched and wrote short articles for a medical publisher whose publications were distributed to doctors' and dentists' offices. The subject matter was assigned based on the editorial calendar.


DiAnn wrote everything from product specs sheets to brochures to customer magazines and video scripts for Applied Data Research (ADR). ADR was the first independent computer software company, founded in 1959.

Web Development

DiAnn transformed 1,000 disjointed, confusing FAQs into 100 self-help articles, guiding a user through a process from beginning to end.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Data Sheet

DiAnn provided ad agency services to small companies unable to afford a big agency. This included writing, designing, and purchasing printing for product spec sheets.


DiAnn wrote, and sometimes designed and produced, several brochures and case studies for AT&T and its spinoff, Lucent Technologies.


DiAnn's earliest work was as a junior copywriter for an ad agency specializing in technical clients, including a branch of Panasonic and GTE Sylvania.

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