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Annemarie F
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Since Annemarie appreciates well-researched and expertly written content, she revels in the opportunity to create it. For over five years, her pseudonymous work has been published on gardening websites, on web design business blogs and other locations across the internet.

With an MFA in writing and four years teaching English composition, her proofreading and editing skills are honed and ready to pound out pristine prose.
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Horticulture, web development and digital marketing are Annemarie's industry specialties.


Annemarie's non-writing interests include: gardening, hiking, history, literature and pop culture.


University of Montana

Annemarie took courses in statistics, forensic anthropology and cultural studies.

Eastern Washington University

After taking workshops that focused on memoir, Annemarie realized that her strongest skills and her greatest interests were in journalistic writing. She developed a love of research that is apparent in all of her later work.


55 Projects Completed

Annemarie has written numerous explanatory blog posts educating readers on digital marketing concepts and strategies.


53 Projects Completed

As a certified Master Gardener in her county, Annemarie has a great deal of knowledge within the field of sustainable gardening, urban gardening, indoor gardening and landscape care. She has written educational blog posts about gardening, as well as ad copy and marketing content for horticulture businesses.

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215 Projects Completed

For the past four years, Annemarie has written posts for business and education blogs. The posts cover the following subjects: digital marketing, information technology, data analytics, software-as-service, urban and indoor gardening and e-commerce.


8 Projects Completed

Annemarie has written news articles about life and culture. These articles were published in weekly independent newspapers and required research, interviews and fact-checking.


1 Projects Completed

Annemarie put her Master of Fine Arts degree in nonfiction writing to use when she researched and wrote a narrative history of an Oregon family. Through interviews, genealogical research, academic research and archival research, she constructed a narrative that spanned from 1843 to 1992. The 120-page book included an annotated bibliography and was written in University of Chicago style. It was written for a private client and has not been publicly published.

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