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Pamela has been a registered nurse for 23 years. Her career focus has been Cardiology, ICU, and Emergency Medicine. She has earned two advanced degrees and several advanced certifications. She also taught at the college level.

She has been writing professionally for 10 years. She has written thousands of blogs and articles on a variety of topics. Her prior experience, prior to freelance, was in writing for professional, medical, and technical journals as well as, producing educational materials for patients, families, and students.

She is especially adept at crafting thoughtful, well-written, informative articles that are fun, shareable and a pleasure to read. She has an understanding of inbournd marketing and targeting millenials. Currently, she works with several repeat clients that depend on her extensive knowledge of the medical field.


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Industry Projects

  • Bio/Pharm100+
  • Career100+
  • Fitness100+
  • Legal50+
  • Auto50+
  • Health20+
  • Beauty20+
  • Business20+
  • Spirituality10+
  • Politics3

Summary of Industry Experience


A career nurse, Pamela has extensive experience in this area. She has written everything from blogs in this industry to professional journal review articles for which she has used both scientific and systematic method.


Pamela has written many hundreds of HR related articles for both print and web. She understands how to take technical information and turn it into engaging content. Her style is authoritative and this instantly inspires trust with readers.


Pamela has written hundreds of articles in the health, nutrition, fitness, beauty and aesthetic niche. Her background in healthcare gives her content an authoritative tone that instantly builds trust with consumers.


Pamela has written hundreds of articles on legal topics. She has 15 years of practical experience in that area as well, working as a medical-legal consultant. She has written legal briefs, educational material, and copy for the industry. She is adept at writing on legal topics with authority and in a way that relates complex topics with ease and readibility.


Pamela has written for many in the auto industry. From your small local repair shop to national corporations. She is excellent at relating complex information in a way that is easy to appreciate and understanding. Her copy focuses on building trust and influencing consumer behavior.


Pamela has been pursuing freelance writing opportunities since 2010. She has written content for several agencies, in addition to working with repeat clientele. Her extensive knowledgebase is in the medicine/ healthcare niche.


Pamela has written hundreds of articles in the health, nutrition, fitness, beauty and aesthetic niche. Her background in healthcare gives her content an authoritative tone that instantly builds trust with consumers.


Pamela has experience in writing general business content. She has written about topics such as workplace issues, recruitment, retention, small business concerns, franchising, IT, industry outlook, and business trends.


Pamela has written content and blog articles for several clients on topics related to religion and spirituality or with strong Biblical basis. She is comfortable writing in this genre in both casual and formal styles.


For six years Pamela published the blog Weep The People. Political in nature it also covered human interest, sociology, and psychology. During the time it was active Pamela, wrote thousands of posts. Several of her posts were featured on Twitchy, the twitter feed for the political pundit and news contributor Michelle Malkin.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post50+
  • Article20+
  • Web Page20+
  • Newsletter Content10+
  • Product Description0

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Pamela has extensive experience writing blog posts. She seeks to understand the tone and style of writing that most fits her clients and their needs. She has written humorous posts for clients seeking lighter fare but her mainstay is interesting and informative posts. She is familiar with WordPress formatting, working with backlinks and SEO if that is a client's desire.


Pamela has written journal and magazine articles for many clients. She has written for mainly technical and academic journal articles over her career as a nurse. As a testament to her diversity, she was featured on the pop culture website scallywagandvagabond.com for a true crime piece.

Web Page

Pamela has written content for landing pages, about us and Frequently asked questions pages for national companies. She's also worked with coders to format layout that flows and is optimal for scanning.

Newsletter Content

Pamela understands that newsletter content needs to be topical and current with a strong tie-in to the client's business or service. She has experience in writing and formatting newsletter content for mail and email purposes.

Product Description

An avid crafter, Pamela has been writing product descriptions for patterns she and others have used for sales catalogs and listings on such sites as Ravelry.com and Etsy.com.

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