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Laura takes the complicated and makes it compelling.

From direct mail packages to one-sheeters to customized landing pages to marketing emails that click, Laura writes in the client's voice and speaks to the needs of their customers and prospects to elicit the best response.

Laura's writing background includes broadcast journalism, direct mail, commercials, email marketing, and fundraising, with experience in B2B and B2C.
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Customized clear, concise copy.
Marketing copy for print, broadcast, web, & email.


Social Action


University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism

Studying at one of the nation's premier journalism schools, Laura had hands-on training in all aspects of broadcast news, both radio and television. She understands how a newscast comes together and has done all the jobs to make that happen: at the news desk, in the field, and on the air.


50 Projects Completed

The goal of effective marketing is to get the reader to "Yes!" Laura uses her creative chameleon skills to speak in the client's voice and make a strong connection with the reader. Her project topics have ranged from crafts to human resources to high tech to music to money, health, and travel. Laura works closely with clients to understand their goals, and writes with creativity and targeted precision.

Non Profit

21 Projects Completed

Laura has written direct mail fundraising campaigns for nonprofits in the areas of social services, medical research, and animal welfare. In each campaign, Laura has woven compelling stories to illustrate the depth and dedication of each group's mission, and to urge donors to give. Working closely with the art director, Laura helped conceptualize the design of components included in the mailing packages.


5 Projects Completed

A certified Montessori teacher with a credential in Elementary Education, Laura has written about the Montessori method to teach families how the Montessori method is similar to and different from other educational methods. Laura has used the Montessori method in the classroom and beyond to tailor instruction in the most effective way for each student/reader/audience member.


40 Projects Completed

Laura has worked as a broadcast news producer in the Midwest, Northeast, and New England. One of the challenges of news writing is to become an instant expert on a subject area in a short amount of time. Laura has the ability to ramp up quickly on a topic and write about it with authority and authenticity. Scripts are written in the voice of the reporter, anchor, or other talent delivering the information. Before recording, talent reviews the script and says, "Hey, that sounds just like me!" That's the way it should be.

Email Copy

40 Projects Completed

Laura has contributed to email campaigns for magazines and web sites in topic areas ranging from knitting and crochet to human resources management and high tech. In each case, Laura takes the time to fully understand the clients, their missions, and their goals. She tailors each project to speak clearly in the client's voice, creating a sense of authenticity.

Newsletter Content

30 Projects Completed

Laura has written newsletter articles in the areas of education, fundraising, high tech, writing, publishing, and marketing. In each instance, she works to embody the voice of the organization and its publication. She adapts her style and tone based on the client's needs, working to ensure a clean, conversational style to appeal to the widest audience of readers.

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