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Greg's extensive training and experience in quality management, sales, and business management provides depth of understanding of how business attract and keep customers. The key is being able to see business relationships from the perspective of both buyers and sellers in a dynamic competitive environment.


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Greg wrote business case studies as sales tools for document imaging companies Danwood America and Upstream Business Solutions based on interviews with customers. The studies outlined the business needs of the customer and dramatized how the solutions offered by the client company satisfied those needs. The opening sentence has to get the prospect's attention with the thought, "If they did it for that organization, they can do it for us."

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


As a correspondent, Greg has highlighted businesses in articles in local newspapers. Topics have included a regional hospital's cardiac care unit, a county library system, two appliance stores, a building supplies outlet, an animal rescue center, a local rattlesnake festival, a community healthcare clinic, and profiles of prominent citizens.

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