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Having been a writer since he was little, Jonathan has pursued a career in freelance writing to satiate his love for the written word. Having been following the freelance path since 2010, his experience with SEO, research, and niche writing has steadily improved. He already has two short stories published to his credit and multiple blog entries all over the Internet.


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Industry Projects

  • Consumer Goods20+
  • Technology4

Summary of Industry Experience

Consumer Goods

Focusing heavily on developing product descriptions and snippets for companies and website, Jonathan has provided numeral works so that companies could get their products in front of their audiences.


Jonathan has always been fascinated with anything that has to do with computers either hardware or software. As an amateur programmer, he enjoys learning about this industry and he pays close attention to what new inventions are on the horizon.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post20+
  • Web Page20+
  • Catalog20+
  • Article5

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Blogs are one of the most important things on the Internet due to their ability to bring readers in and share information in easy to read sizes. Jonathan has spent the majority of his career writing this for individuals, companies, and websites.

Web Page

Having written a lot for websites, it is easy to take the idea or notes of a company and turn it into copy for their website.


Catalogs can be the life blood of a company, either online or in print. Catalog writing takes a product and spins it in to a concept and description that would entice a buyer to purchase it.


When readers want more than a snippet of information from a blog, articles are the next best thing. Jonathan Snyder has always dedicated himself to bringing well researched articles to his customers as content for their websites or newsletters.

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