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Gregory S
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Greg began his degree program as a biology/chemistry double-major at the Denver campus of the University of Colorado. During his sophomore year, he discovered a latent aptitude for math, resulting, subsequently, in his decision to transfer into the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. After completing coursework in electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, he chose to focus on the mechanical discipline, and fulfilled the additional requirements to obtain a minor in mathematics.

Immediately upon graduating, Greg accepted an offer from IBM, where he held four different positions over the course of twelve years. He has experience as a test engineer, manufacturing quality engineer, mechanical development engineer and IT specialist.

After moving to a remote village in north-central Minnesota, he left IBM to realize a long-standing dream... to own and operate a business. He had significant brewing experience, and given there weren't any breweries within a 120-mile radius of his new home, he decided to found a craft brewery. While his products were highly regarded, the seasonal nature of the area proved impossible in terms of cash flow, so after five years he shuttered the business, but with a great deal of experience to show for his efforts.

Since then, he has worked as a substitute teacher and a CNC machinist, anticipating the latter to be a stepping-stone back in to an engineering role. In addition to entrepreneurship and engineering, writing has always been a passion of Greg's. He is currently working on a political conspiracy novel that he hopes to publish within the coming year.


Physical and Natural Sciences, Business Operation


Product Development, Manufacturing Processes, Logistics, Writing


University of Colorado - Denver

Greg began his collegiate career as a biology and chemistry double-major, but after a couple of years in the program he developed an aptitude for math and, consequently, enrolled in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. It's the creative aspect of engineering that Greg finds most appealing, and for that same reason he enjoyed and excelled in the writing courses that were included in the curriculum.


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Greg founded a craft brewery which he operated for five years. He managed every aspect of the business, resulting in countless professional communications. In addition to detailed spreadsheets he developed to track cash flow, sales and inventory, Greg maintained a formal business plan used to communicate the state of the business and to garner financing.


1 Projects Completed

Greg owned and operated a craft brewery, during which time he managed every aspect of the business, including marketing. He created a tri-fold brochure to enhance both wholesale and retail sales, consisting of descriptive text and label/brand artwork.

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