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Growing up, Diane's teachers have always pushed her in the field of writing. In Diane's senior year of high school she had one teacher who complimented her writing on every assignment giving her great confidence when exercising her talent.

This confidence for Diane was later proven in her last semester of college when a professor had positively expressed his enjoyment of her writing ability on business related subject matter. It was then Diane realized she could write on almost anything.


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Having her on channel on a popular entertainment website, Diane began her write career as a content Arts and Crafts writer.


With Diane's interest in romance and Liberal Arts degree she is able to write about various relationship situations.


Diane enjoys a wide variety of topics to write about, being a women herself and having a good sense of the nature of women in general, she is creative with the topic.

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Web Page

Diane manages and promotes her own domain on the internet. Impressive with her ability to design the site herself, the main intent of the website is to promote her Romantic Fiction. Diane, also runs and manages her own blog.

Blog Post

Diane's blog is just in the begining stages. Focused mostly on her personal trials in the dating world and opening up herself to the public.

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