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Ken's professional background is in electronics design and physical protection implementation. Work assignments over his 40 year career primarily focused on International Safeguards projects in support of the DOE Material Protection, Control and Accounting program. He has worked extensively with foreign partners in Asia and Europe including the International Atomic Energy Agency. Ken has published numerous papers through the Institute of Nuclear Material Management. Since retiring as a Principal Member of the Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories, his current consultant activities have been in support of a bilateral program to improve the nuclear regulatory basis in Russia. This project required reviewing Russian regulatory documents, assessing nuclear regulatory needs and compiling the reviews of these regulations for enactment by Russian partner organizations.
All of Ken's assignments have required documentation and reporting for government and international audiences. Although project documents are generally produced by a team, Ken's writing skills frequently formed the basis for reports developed by project teams. His ability to incorporate input from diverse team members who frequently were not native English speakers was a valuable asset in publicizing and reporting on the activities of project teams.


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Ken was employed at a US Department of Energy National Laboratory for 34 years before retiring as a Principal Member of the Technical Staff. His work experience was in engineering with an emphasis on security and safeguards related to the nuclear industry. He led technical project teams and interacted with domestic and foreign partners for the purposes of coordinating technical and budget issues. Ken's experience included reporting and documenting the results of technical projects.

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Ken has documented the state of commercially available products for consideration by technology managers to determine the direction of product design or research efforts. His experience with the development and implementation of security and safeguards systems has given him the perspective needed to assess equipment characteristics. A white paper is an appropriate vehicle for presenting those assessments to product users or other system designers.

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