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Amanda is a Registered Nurse with over 10 years of experience in the healthcare setting, specializing in oncology. She has worked within each facet of cancer care, from outpatient chemotherapy to inpatient care; radiation oncology and clinical trials to hospice care.

Currently, she is the Clinical Research Coordinator for the Kirkland Cancer Center, a service of West Tennessee Healthcare, in Jackson, Tennessee; she manages all aspects of the clinical trials program for the center. She is a community educator for cancer prevention, having participated in outreach and education for under-served populations in West Tennessee.

She has over a decade of experience in natural and holistic health methods, advocating for alternatives to medication and promoting healthy lifestyle choices as a form of radical self-care. She has written articles on the topic and frequently advocates through social media.

She is passionate about healthcare, but equally so about writing; she is eager to expand her freelance portfolio and connect with other creative people. Recently she has been featured on female empowerment websites and parenting websites, and has enjoyed creating content for topics other than healthcare.


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Amanda relates well to the women's industry at all levels--from personal accounts and reviews of women's products to educating women as an authority on healthcare. She is a parent and is often asked to write educational and anecdotal articles for mothers. She has reviewed personal care products as well.


Amanda runs a healthy lifestyle blog and frequently posts articles and recipes for her readers. She is active on social media platforms, advocating for a healthy lifestyle, which is centered around the food we eat. She has reviewed different diet plans and advocated for a plant-based diet worldwide.

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Amanda is an expert in the healthcare field. She is knowledgeable in many areas ranging from women's issues to caregiver concerns, hospital stays and home care. She is well-versed in the oncology field, having a decade of experience on the cancer care spectrum. She has personal experience dealing with patients suffering from mental illness, a burgeoning societal concern; she has written authoritative articles highlighting the importance of lifestyle changes and radical self-care in the management of a myriad of health issues. She is comfortable writing on a wide array of topics outside of healthcare as well.

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Amanda manages her own healthy lifestyle blog and is well-versed in creating content for blogs. She enjoys reviewing products, writing anecdotal and educational posts on a number of topics, from parenting to cooking, relationships, healthcare, and more. She recently has taken an interest in book reviews, and although she is the parent of a teenager, she still enjoys young adult fiction; she has aspired to write mature young adult fiction novels in the future and has two rough drafts nearly complete.

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