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Amie has written online since 2008, producing thousands of pieces of content for hundreds of clients. She was a featured writer on several prominent sites before moving on to ghost-writing and publishing under pseudonyms. She now maintains several client blogs on topics such as health and fitness, elder care and small and tiny space living. She has also owned and operated several small businesses, as well as being previously employed as an administrative/executive assistant and office manager.


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Industry Projects

  • Fitness500+
  • Health500+
  • Green Living500+
  • Garden500+

Summary of Industry Experience


Amie was a featured writer for a prominent site (now closed) for 3+ years in Health & Fitness. She has written hundreds of articles on a variety of health and fitness topics from walking to aerobics, including complementary exercise treatments, such as yoga, tai-chi and quigong.


Amie has been studying alternative and complementary medicine for more than 20 years, and was a featured writer on several prominent sites in Alternative Medicine, Health and Fitness and Treatments and Conditions. Over the past 8 years, she has produced more than 3,000 pieces of content for numerous clients on various health and medical topics.

Green Living

Amie is well-experienced in writing about green living, because she practices it as well. She enjoys writing about all aspects of the green lifestyle, including energy and water conservation, living off-grid, recycling, repurposing and alternative energy.


Amie holds an AS Degree in Agriculture/Horticulture specializing in Greenhouse Production with over 20 years experience in the field, both private and commercial. She has been a featured Home and Garden writer on several sites as well as providing hundreds of gardening articles for online sites and private clients. Maintains her own gardening blog, which has over 3,000 monthly visitors.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Product Description500+

Summary of Product Experience


Amie has written more than 5,000 articles on a variety of topics from health and fitness to gardening to business and industry. She prefers writing articles in the 400 to 600 word range, but is available for longer articles as well. She is experienced in SEO writing and enjoys writing in-depth articles on a single topic, as well as general lists.

Product Description

Amie has written thousands of product and category descriptions ranging in length from 25 to 250 words for several prominent e-commerce sites. She enjoys learning new marketing vocabulary and putting it to use to entice readers to make a purchase.

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