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Alicia has been writing and studying writing at a professional level for nine years, and has been teaching writing for five years. She has studied, written, and taught a variety of writing styles; from informative journalistic and technical writing to various forms of creative writing. Her writing experience includes pieces in the following genres and styles: creative fiction, copywriting, creative nonfiction, informational text, journalistic articles, argumentative pieces, research, inquiry, technical manuals and directions, educational policy, correspondence, lifestyle, instructional content, and blogs.

Alicia is a high school English teacher and has taught the following courses:

Creative Writing 1
Creative Writing 2
Journalism 1
Journalism 2
Journalism 3
Advanced Journalism
English 9
Honors English 9
English 11
English 12
Honors English 12

Alicia loves all things about teaching writing, but is especially fond of teaching blogging to her students. Through teaching so many courses, Alicia has been exposed to various writing styles, which have helped diversify her own writing.

Alicia's educational credentials include the following:

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education: English and Communications, English Minor from Penn State University.

Master of Arts in Education: Literacy Education and Technology Education Concentrations, Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning from Michigan State University.


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Industry Projects

  • Business20+
  • Legal10+
  • Health8
  • Education8
  • Fitness0

Summary of Industry Experience


Alicia has vast experience writing content for small and large businesses. Specifically, she has worked with a lot of entrepreneurs. She has also written many pieces on business advice. She is skilled in writing podcast show notes for entrepreneurial podcasts as well.


Alicia has a lot of experience writing for law firms. She always thoroughly researches laws and the issue at hand to deliver content that is both accurate and appropriate for the targeted audience. She is skilled at writing in professional voice.


Alicia devotes a lot of her time to living a healthy lifestyle. She researches new health trends and easy healthy recipes. She thinks it is important to stay active and make simple changes to create a more healthy lifestyle. She has written about health extensively in her blog posts. Specifically, she has a lot of expertise in diabetes and low sugar diets.


Alicia has written an extensive number of pieces pertaining to various areas in the field of education. She has focused her undergraduate and graduate studies within this field, and also works in the field. She has written serious, research based pieces, as well as narrative and observational pieces based on her own experience. Some of the topics of her pieces have included student behavior, special education, English/language arts education, educational policy, and more.


Alicia has devoted much of her time to studying and learning about health and fitness to improve the quality of her own life. She has completed numerous fitness programs and written blog posts about her results and thoughts. She considers fitness to be an important part of a healthy lifestyle and incorporates it into her daily life.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post50+
  • Twitter Post6
  • Product Description2
  • Speech0

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Alicia writes blog posts on various topics; mainly health, fitness, and current events. She also engages with other bloggers through comments and guest blog posts in order to expand her expertise in these areas and to branch out into other areas of blog writing.

Twitter Post

Alicia is skilled at writing catchy and informative tweets as standalone projects and to accompany other pieces she writes.

Product Description

Alicia has experience writing product descriptions for various product types. She is great at using words that stand out to sell your product. She can create titles, bullet points, descriptions, summaries, and more.


Alicia has taken numerous speech courses and has taught speech writing and speaking to her students. As an educator, Alicia delivers informal speeches every day, and often is required to write more formal speeches, either for herself or for another person to deliver.

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