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Alicia has been a professional writer since 2016 and was a teacher before that. Her articles often show up on the first page of Google search results.

She is skilled at seamlessly incorporating SEO keywords that help drive clients to your site. Once she has lured customers in, her unique and captivating writing keeps them there and makes them want to read more.

As a trained teacher, Alicia is very skilled in making difficult concepts easy to understand, which has helped her clients in many industries such as technology, education, law, business, insurance, banking, health, medical, parenting, wellness, science, and more. For example, she has helped lawyers communicate information about laws and protocols to clients. She has also broken down insurance into a language that the average end user can understand to help clients get new customers. No matter the industry, Alicia can write the content in a smooth, reader friendly fashion.

Alicia specializes in many areas including health and fitness, education, parenting, product reviews, blog posts, travel, dog training, and more. One of Alicia's best skills is also thorough research. Even when writing about a new topic to her, Alicia does the research needed to write a piece that makes her sound like an expert in the field. Some of Alicia's recent projects include contributing to an eBook about elementary education and curriculum, writing press releases for a new TV show, and reviewing home security systems.

Alicia's educational credentials include the following:

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education: English and Communications, English Minor from Penn State University.

Master of Arts in Education: Literacy Education and Technology Education Concentrations, Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning from Michigan State University.

Alicia consistently receives positive feedback from clients. Some examples are listed below:

"This was my first test with Writer Access, and your work on this was absolutely what I was looking for."
"As always, thanks for the great work. And thank you for being so speedy! Much appreciated."
"I like the way you structured this, visually. Thank you for writing."
"Another well-written post!"
"Wonderful! Thank you for an excellent job as usual."
"Thanks again for the wonderful work! I'm so grateful to have you writing for us."
"Awesome job!"
"Thanks as always for the great work you do for us."

Alicia accepts work from love lists as well as solo orders. Contact her to discuss solo projects or add her to your love list if you are interested in working with her.
Blog Post
Press Release
Product Description
Home Living


Alicia has experience writing a variety of topics and styles, but is particularly skilled in the following areas:

health, fitness, and wellness
children and babies
product reviews
secondary and elementary education
dog training
animal health
holidays, specifically Halloween and Christmas
cooking and baking
home improvement
real estate

podcast show notes
SEO keywords
informational text
creative writing
research and inquiry
social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram)
technical writing

In addition to these specialties, Alicia enjoys the challenge of researching and writing about new topics in which she doesn't have as much experience.


Alicia truly loves writing and learning, which is why she is a teacher and also continues her own education. When not teaching and writing, she loves spending time with her family, exercising, cooking, baking, hiking, traveling, and completing home improvement projects. She also loves spending time with and training her German Shepherd, Silas. As a new mom, Alicia has recently become interested and knowledgable in all things baby, nursing/breastfeeding, and parenting.


The Pennsylvania State University

Alicia pursued her degree in education while also taking varied writing courses. She earned her degree in four years and also worked as a teaching assistant for a writing and literature course.

Michigan State University

Alicia earned her master's degree while also working full time. She focused her studies mainly on literacy, with an extensive focus on research and inquiry writing.


127 Projects Completed

Alicia has written an extensive number of pieces pertaining to various areas in the field of education. She has focused her undergraduate and graduate studies within this field, and also works in the field. She has written eBooks, blogs, articles, academic research papers, and narrative pieces based on her own experience. Some of the topics of her pieces have included student behavior, special education, English/language arts education, preschool readiness, school guides, curriculum, educational policy, and more. Her pieces on education are particularly well received because they are written from personal knowledge and experience.


89 Projects Completed

Alicia has vast experience writing content for small and large businesses. Specifically, she has worked with a lot of entrepreneurs. She has also written many pieces on business advice. She is skilled in writing podcast show notes for entrepreneurial podcasts as well.


51 Projects Completed

Alicia has written for many parenting blogs, toy companies, and baby food companies. As a mom herself, she draws on her own experience to remain relevant and to know exactly what the audience wants to read. She is also a teacher, so she has extended experience with kids of all ages.

Home Living

49 Projects Completed

Alicia has written many pieces on home living- from DIY projects to deep cleaning to appliance care. She uses both her own knowledge and experience as well as research to write informative pieces about home living.


32 Projects Completed

Alicia has a lot of experience writing for law firms. She always thoroughly researches laws and the issue at hand to deliver content that is both accurate and appropriate for the targeted audience. She is skilled at writing with an air of authority in a professional voice.


22 Projects Completed

Alicia devotes a lot of her time to living a healthy lifestyle. She researches new health trends and easy healthy recipes. She thinks it is important to stay active and make simple changes to create a more healthy lifestyle. She has written about health extensively in her blog posts. Specifically, she has a lot of expertise in diabetes and low sugar diets.


17 Projects Completed

Alicia has devoted much of her time to studying and learning about health and fitness to improve the quality of her own life. She has completed numerous fitness programs and written blog posts about her results and thoughts. She has also written websites and video scripts for fitness companies. She considers fitness to be an important part of a healthy lifestyle and incorporates it into her daily life.

Blog Post

189 Projects Completed

Alicia writes blog posts on a wide array of topics, including business, relationships, law, education, home improvement, insurance, pets, sports, health, fitness, and current events, and more. Her posts are written with both an air of authority and relatability to appeal to the average blog reader.

Press Release

28 Projects Completed

Alicia has written numerous press releases, mainly for TV shows and podcasts. She gets right down to the important facts you want included without adding unnecessary fluff.

Product Description

3 Projects Completed

Alicia has experience writing product descriptions for various product types. She is great at using words that stand out to sell your product. She can create titles, bullet points, descriptions, summaries, and more.

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