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With more than 16 years of marketing experience Andy M. has built quite the career. From working for small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, he has amassed extensive communication skills and prides himself on exceeding client expectations.

Part of his success is forming great working relationships with clients. Andy understands that clients are experts in their fields that simply need help expressing that to consumers. Knowing that has made for great success with clients and furthered his own understanding of industry standards and practices. Andy greets each new client as an opportunity to grow the client’s market share.

Andy is an award-winning script writer and producer as well as a published photographer.


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Industry Projects

  • Marketing100+
  • Construction50+
  • Health5

Summary of Industry Experience


For 16 years, Andy M. has been apart of the fast-paced marketing industry. From working for Fortune 500 companies to small, boutique marketing firms, he has nearly seen it all. From HVAC companies to auto dealers, roofers to jewelry stores - Andy has a great understanding of how to exceed client expectations.


Andy M. has worked with multiple clients in the construction industry. From dam builders to roofers to HVAC companies, he has years of experience communicating industry standards and practices to potential clients.


For more than a decade, Andy M. has worked closely with hospitals and private practices. His work includes creating general marketing videos as well as writing for specific medical conditions and methods.

Product Projects

  • Script/Video100+
  • Radio Spot50+
  • Blog Post10+

Summary of Product Experience


Over a career of 16 years in marketing Andy M. has written thousands of scripts for television, radio and online videos. From automotive to medical, HVAC to healthcare he has written for nearly every major industry.

Radio Spot

Andy began his career in radio more than 18 years ago. He learned quickly how to hone a message to concise take away elements while not rushing the message as a whole. With no other ways to convey a client’s needs other than spoken word, Andy mastered the art of the radio script.

Blog Post

Blog posts are a great way to showcase a company's knowledge and reputation, and Andy M. has valuable experience with this medium. He even runs is own blog including social media support.

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