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Mark has taken professional, persuasive, and various creative writing courses. In his final year in college he tied for the most news articles written in his school's newspaper, being known for his witty and informative articles.

He was asked to write a speech to give to his college's Board of Trustees in 2013. His experience in persuasive writing and presenting techniques helped him to secure private funding from the Sunrise Rotary philanthropic group for a service trip to the Dominican Republic in 2014.

He has since delved into the financial and insurance industries. He has recently developed his talent for making things easy to understand while voluntarily teaching English as a second language as well as United States civics for 6 months to refugees in Buffalo, NY in 2015 and 2016.


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Mark worked for several months as a financial representative in training, which involved studying for the Series FINRA exams, meeting with clients, and attending meetings concerning global finance.


Mark took a role in supplemental insurance in 2016, selling for a company that has strong values in self development and still believes in doing business with customers face to face.

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Blog Post

This is an excerpt from Mark's personal blog. It focuses on lessons learned from the attempted transition into professional life of a millennial after college graduation. Articles discuss the author's time starting out in the financial industry, relationships, and how his peers are doing. He provides metaphorical examples of lessons learned, and floats between longing for his dream job and realistically working towards goals.

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