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The majority of Eddie's writing talents go toward his growing number of novels, short stories, and poems; he also writes non-fiction essay critiquing films and book reviews for his author page. Professionally, Eddie works as an assistant manager for an AMC movie theater and writes its weekly newsletter.


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Eddie studied Film Studies at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington; the program combined film critique of both international and historical filmmaking with hands-on production. Using these twin disciplines along with knowledge gained from working on the consumer side of film in a movie theater, Eddie writes comprehensive critiques of film and other art forms from a perspective of critic/creator/consumer.

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Eddie wrote his first novel, Sons of Slaves, over six years, beginning in his second year of college. Taking inspiration from summers spent with his grandfather, Eddie wrote a western focusing on Black characters. Upon completion, Black Rose Writing published the book in May 15, 2015.

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