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At Madison's alternative place of employment, she is required to accurately transcribe important documents for a wide variety of customers. She also fulfills her duties at additional writing companies where she promptly completes articles for clients, covering a wide range of topics. She has prior experience in covering subjects ranging from relevant world news to product reviews. Ever the perfectionist, she makes sure to thoroughly research any topic given. She is highly adaptable and can easily write using any tone the client desires.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


As a trial run for a beauty blogger, Madison was required to write a step-by-step tutorial on contouring.


Hired by a freelance writing company, Madison was given the assignment of describing the different available bike options there are.


At another freelance writing company, Madison was given the task of researching and covering the topic of inmate communications.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

As assigned by another freelance writing company, Madison had the task of writing a blog post about skin care.

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