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A writer and grammar nerd since the age of ten, Michelle has written for a variety of publications on a wide range of topics. While was born and raised in the Bay Area, she's also spent time in Yorkshire, England - the exact climatic opposite of California - and earned a graduate degree in English from the University of Leeds. More importantly, she polished up her writing skills in the birthplace of the language, and her time there has been an experience that has changed her for the better.

Freelancing has always been her life goal, but it's notoriously difficult to get into. If she were going to do it right, she knows she'd have to depend on more than her talent. Every day is a new adventure in learning, and expanding her skill set.


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All written for YourMechanic, a Mountain View - based automotive resource site, the articles written were dedicated to a variety of automotive topics, including car seat safety, paint and detailing, do-it-yourself car care, and how-to guides on parts and components. Short of offering actual mechanical advice, Michelle researched and verified each topic carefully to compile guides that were easy to read, understand, and utilize.

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Michelle blogs for a design company and the websites that they build for clients, in a wide range of styles on a variety of topics. Social equity is a prevalent focus, but she is flexible enough to work with pretty much anything within reason.

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