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Tayler is a dedicated writer and always makes sure that she is fully informed on the topic before attempting to write the article. Her years on the newspaper and magazine staffs have helped culminate her writing styles and her desire for perfection. Enjoying the fast-paced, deadline driven life that also accompanies those two career fields.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Tayler worked as the marketing and public relations personnel for the Campus Recreation and Intramurals for two years, during this time she focused on writing articles, newsletters, and press releases about the various fitness ventures available at the recreation facility. This included personal participation in some the fitness ventures to fully grasp the concepts to then write about them in a more relatable way. In-depth research was required for each of the published pieces to provide accurate information.


Tayler has submitted personal pieces for publishing through both print and online companies. These have consisted of essays on modern love to personal works of fiction and non-fiction.

Product Projects

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  • Blog Post100+
  • Press Release10+

Summary of Product Experience


Tayler has worked on a newspaper staff and a magazine staff for the past four years. During this line of work, she has published hundreds of pieces, all varying in topics and lengths. The genres for her writing has varied from informative to controversial to being in honor of someone, depending on the need required and the piece assigned. Tayler strives to keep her work accurate and informative no matter the situation, but adds in a conversational tone to help the readers digest the information.

Blog Post

Tayler has written blog posts primarily for her work with the Campus Recreation and Intramural business, where weekly she would write entertaining and informative blogs about the events and services offered at the recreation center. These blogs ranged from personal experiences to third person explanations. During her time working with the campus magazine, she wrote weekly blogs about light-hearted topics such as comparing Harry Potter to campus life and further explaining popular TV show drinking games. These were meant to be entertaining while informative.

Press Release

Tayler worked as a Public Relations/Marketing intern for two years for the Campus Recreation and Intramurals department for her University. During this time, she wrote press releases pertaining to the activities and events that would happen within the department. These press releases would be sent to the neighboring cities and media agencies to spread the word about what was happening.

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