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John is a Database and Systems Administrator but a part-time versatile and creative academic research writer. He's been writing for different companies for more than one year now, covering topics that provide extensive tips, guides, and analysis concerning marketing, management, and leadership. He has the skills needed to fuse a background in research and academics with proficiency in business writing to deliver quality and customized material for curriculum, web content, and career development. John has also gained sound knowledge in disciplines such as economics, literature, and healthcare.

His past experiences have created in me a passion for research and keenness in analysis. Besides, a Master's Degree in IT equips him with skills for in-depth analysis, which makes him understand the various aspects of his life and career. John is also an internet enthusiast who loves to help people around the world find knowledge and solutions to different problems. He is a fervent contributor to many online forums and communities and a thorough professional who strives to maintain work quality, timelines, and customer satisfaction.

John is well-versed with the different genres of professional writing like research papers, essays, and reports, the US and UK writing styles and citation styles such as APA, MLA, and Harvard. Some of his most important specialties include creative writing, research writing, academic writing, internet marketing, blog writing, academic coaching, social media marketing, and business planning. Most importantly, he strives to achieve error-free and zero-plagiarized papers, along with maintained paper quality and timelines.
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Healthcare, nursing, information technology and science, database systems and non-profit organizations


Writing, graphics design, software programming, web design, healthcare topics, environment conservation


University of Maryland Baltimore

Loyola University Maryland

University of Maryland Baltimore

University of Illinois Springfield

Green Living

29 Projects Completed

John has a passionate pursuit for eco-conscious living, which has been made more possible by the increasing number of blogs that offer tips on achieving sustainability through conservation of world’s resources. He understands that one person can make a difference through setting an example for others to follow. He has therefore made it his obligation to create awareness through green living essay so that the planet can slowly start to heal itself and save resources for future generations.


21 Projects Completed

John understands that by nature, business research writing is different from traditional academic research. It relies on more diverse resources and group of models and pursues multifunctional and multifaceted goals. However, he understands the need for business papers to adhere to a structure that is comprehended and accepted by all communicative partners.


7 Projects Completed

John has done research on past and current designers; everyone from Giuliana Cameron to Coco Chanel, from Gianni Versace to Trent Nathan. He knows the current crop of renowned designers and the unknown talent that comes through them. He also fully understands what each designer offers. He can determine the different between Prada, Armani, Louis Vuitton, and Versace. He knows well not to get too technical, but understands the fashion terminology and the need to accompany the text with the relevant photography.

Blog Post

276 Projects Completed

Other than grabbing the reader’s attention, John understands that additional research is essential for a good blog post. He ensures that he uses examples and data to back up his points, while providing proper attribution when integrating external sources.


36 Projects Completed

An article is a direct conversation with an audience. John understands that everything he writes must speak to the reader and engage their interest from the start. He thinks like a journalist when coming up with article headlines. He understands that the headlines play a major role in getting readers to read the article. He ensures that the article is engaging enough for the readers to read all the way. John also uses subheadings to make clear paragraphs and break up the text, writes in a semi-informal conversational style, and organizes his ideas, which he sums up by giving a call to action.


34 Projects Completed

John pursues creativity and self-development in his work. He views himself as a problem creator rather than a problem solver. His papers are technically simple but ask new interesting questions and pose the old problem in a new way, demonstrating a fruitful connection that no one thought existed. He is good at clarifying goals and building a forward momentum on the different aspects of research.

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