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Rebekah has sixteen years of experience in a variety of medical professions as both a service member and a civilian. In each of these careers she was responsible for writing notes that required that any reader with any background would have the ability to read and comprehend the intent of the material. She also wrote detailed correspondence to a variety of organizations and individuals on behalf of her patients. This correspondence became part of their permanent medical records.

The sub-specialties in the health industry Rebekah has experience with are dentistry, massage therapy, and mental health. Rebekah possesses strong research skills after completing her master of science degree. Additionally, she enjoys learning; she will welcome opportunities to research for a writing project. Her attention to detail led to Rebekah leading the editing on all team papers submitted during her educational experience.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Rebekah has worked in the health industry since 1999. Rebekah started as a dental assistant in the military. Rebekah worked in this field learning about managing not only a dental clinic, but also triage, treatment, and care of those wounded in mass casualty situations.

Upon leaving the military in 2005, Rebekah moved into alternative medicine and began her career as a massage therapist. During this time Rebekah learned how to provide specialized treatment for patients based on their doctors' recommendations, how the patients responded to treatment, and their willingness to comply with the at home recommendations Rebekah provided them to further their care. Rebekah worked with multiple insurance providers, as well as Labor and Industries. She coordinated the care of the patients between their prescribing physicians and the insurance carriers to ensure the patient received the care they needed to resolve their reported issues.

Once Rebekah completed her BS in psychology she made another career change. Despite this change she remained in the health industries working as a Community Support Specialist with a community mental health facility. This position required that Rebekah meet with patients suffering with mental health conditions in their homes and in public. She provided them with support, and educated them on methods for coping with as well as working around their mental illness in order to improve their quality of living. Rebekah also was expected to attend medical appointments with these patients to advocate on their behalf as well as help the patients to better understand their role in managing their health needs based on the doctors' recommendations.


Rebekah has always been a person who needed a creative outlet. Rebekah finds pleasure in several different crafting methods: hand-painted gifts, pen and ink drawings, and knitting are her preferred means of expressing her creativity. Knitting is the crafting activity she spends most of her free time engaged in. In 2007, Rebekah taught herself how to knit from a book. She has since gone on to teach her sister, her mother, her cousin, co-workers, and most recently her daughter. Out of respect to her slight obsession with all things crafting, Rebekah has successfully avoided an account with popular crafting sites to prevent endless sleepless nights spent perusing craft idea after craft idea.


Given Rebekah's background in psychology, and her work to help others manage their mental health conditions while maintaining their semblance of a "normal" life, she has gained some experience in helping people work toward improving their relationships. Additionally, Rebekah has been married for 13 years. In that time, she has learned from her own experiences how to work through the hardships that couples face in order to stick together.

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Newsletter Content

While working for a realty group in Washington state as the Marketing and Administrative coordinator, Rebekah was responsible for putting out the monthly newsletter to the condominiums in the service area. Aside from compiling relevant articles and useful tips for condominium owners, she was responsible for creating original content ranging from upcoming laws that affect homeowners, the pros and cons of HOAs, to fun activities for children to do in the service area. These newsletters were sent to roughly 1,000 residences in western Washington.


Rebekah writes fiction in her free time. Her preferred genre is historical fiction. Researching the nuances of the time period requires a particular skill set and attention to detail: clothing, mannerisms, names, currency types, and popular dishes of the time are just some factors the historical fiction writer must consider. Fortunately, Rebekah learned to appreciate conducting research as she worked on her three degrees.

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