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Sarah has been writing professionally on a small scale for the last five years while working as high school English teacher. Through her years of nit-picking her poor students' essays, she has honed her talent for editing, and invigorated her passion for writing. There is nothing else that drives Sarah like her passion for the written word (except a really good book, of course)!


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Industry Projects

  • Education20+
  • Business20+
  • Technology20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Working directly with businesses and recruiting websites, Sarah has written numerous articles and blogs for educational establishments and others who deal primarily in the education sector. She has worked on everything from financial aid information to lesson plan resources. As a certified teacher, the education field is a natural fit for Sarah's skills.


Working directly with businesses and other online avenues, Sarah has sold over 25 articles and blogs that deal with accounting, finance, and marketing. This industry is fascinating and she really enjoys writing articles that can be had fun with.


While some find this a daunting field to work in, Sarah has sold quite a few articles and blogs directly to businesses and through online websites. Technology is very fast moving and Sarah finds that it is always a fun topic to keep a writer on their toes.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Web Page50+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Sarah has completed over 100 blogs for websites all over the world. She has crafted the methods to capture the purchaser's voice and give their visions for their blog life. Able to adapt and produce quickly, Sarah welcomes most genres and is able to create impressive blog posts with both SEO optimization and marketing flair.

Web Page

Sarah has delivered over 75 pages worth of web content over the last few years and is effective in key-word usage and creating entertaining copy that will keep people coming back to read more. With a clear view of what the customer wants, Sarah can create your brand of web content.

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