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For the past decade, Richard has worked in the entertainment industry and surrounding fields as a designer and technician working for a wide variety of clients, corporate, musicians, bands, and shows. Richard also owns a small digital media design and consulting firm, and with his wife a small family retail store that focuses on natural family products. Richard also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Animation from the University of Advancing Technology.


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Richard has the ability to bring divergent topics together in a symbiotic way and relay a new message to the audience that crosses boundaries of thought and conveys new meaning to ordinary topics. Richard's expertise is shown in this quasi techno-spiritualistic style filled with eloquence.

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As someone passionate about film and cinema, Richard has written many script adaptations of short stories. He also enjoys writing original pieces for short films in many different genres including: fantasy, horror, comedy, and science fiction. He can also write technical scripts.

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