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Gwendolyn pursued an accelerated 11-month MBA program in Marketing and International Business, graduating in 2011. Since that time, she has worked in a variety of marketing and business development roles as a consultant, contract and full-time employee. She established her own firm in 2013 and provides strategic planning and marketing consulting to small businesses.

With writing as one of her strongest talents, Gwendolyn creates content that is thoughtful and researched. A creative at heart, she most enjoys drafting advertisements. Gwendolyn is a fan of the Oxford Comma.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Gwendolyn has worked on various projects that maximized her talents of project management, market research, and marketing strategy. Her drive and passion led her to establish her own consulting firm in 2013 to aid small to medium sized businesses with their business needs, including marketing strategy, communications, and market research & analysis. The nature of Gwendolyn’s passion for marketing lies with her creative talents and analytical ability.


Gwendolyn worked as a Paralegal for Personal Injury attorneys for over five years. In addition to administrative tasks, she was responsible for discovery requests and responses, and drafting and editing legal correspondence and pleadings, including motions, petitions, and appeals. Since beginning her marketing consulting business, Gwendolyn has worked with family law attorneys and written copy for their websites and public relations needs.


With a background in international business, Gwendolyn has worked with manufacturing and distribution companies on market research projects. She has drafted reports, brochures, and slicks. Gwendolyn has worked with professional service providers and other general business practitioners develop strong content to build their brands.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Gwendolyn believes ads are made powerful by two components: authenticity and ingenuity. Always having an image in mind when she creates copy, Gwendolyn strives to bring both of these components together. Using a tagline and a theme - often based on the intended placement of an ad - she creates clever ad copy that can be combined with the right image by your graphic designer to create an impactful ad.

Web Page

While a website doesn't give a firm expertise, it can add legitimize existing knowledge and experience to prospective clients. Gwendolyn understands this, and drafts web content that showcases a firm's specialties in a thoughtful manner. With styles ranging from professional to conversational, she has written website content for professionals such as attorneys, marketing agencies, and financial advisors - to name a few.

Newsletter Content

Gwendolyn uses articles as sources for developing newsletter content that has a stronger impact. By providing her with an article that discusses a topic you're interested in, you can assist her with creating a piece that is truly unique. Additional references are often used in order to add depth to the content. Finally, each article includes a call to action, requesting the reader to contact the distributing firm for additional information.

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