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Chandra has written targeted SEO articles for various companies. She has provided proofreading and editing services for several published authors. She has also created powerful copywriting sales letters per customer requirements. Chandra's most recent sales materials included a Business Plan for a new Non-for-Profit Company for funding purposes.

Chandra is also experienced in writing Sales Letters, Blog Posts, e-Newsletters, Business Plans, SEO Articles, Press Releases, Business Proposals, White Papers, and New Marketing Materials for Start-Up Companies. She is also experienced in social media marketing and website content writing.


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Chandra M's Web Page Product Experience

32 Projects Completed

Chandra has been writing blog posts and content for landing pages for the past 3 years. This would include sales letters, special announcements for business expansions and new product announcements.

Industry Projects

  • Business20+
  • Education20+
  • Health20+
  • Insurance10+
  • Entertainment6

Summary of Industry Experience


Chandra has written Sales letters, blog posts, website content, White Papers, business proposals for non-for-profits, and other B2B companies. She has also written sales related materials for specific companies and by assisting other writers.


Chandra is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Business Psychology and has a M.S. in Written Communications. Her experience is related to writing academic articles as well as editing and proofreading dissertations and other academic quality writings. Chandra has taught college-level English Composition courses for over five years. Helping other writers has always remained a primary focus for her.


Chandra enjoys writing about health related issues and researching information on the latest fad diets and how they can affect a person's health. She has written numerous articles on gym etiquette and proper nutrition too.


Chandra sold insurance from 2007-2011. The products she sold not only required her to work very hard, but to write her own sales and marketing material. She is very familiar with the B2B and B2C Insurance industry and the various forms of products. Chandra is also a licensed Life and Health Producer in her state.


Chandra has written multiple celebrity related articles that have been rated at EXCEEDED expectations as it relates to quality. She is on the shade room and keeps regular tabs on celebrities. As a resident of LA, she has contacts and insider information.

Product Projects

  • Web Page20+
  • Blog Post20+
  • Article20+
  • Newsletter Content7
  • Product Description5
  • White Paper1

Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Chandra has been writing blog posts and content for landing pages for the past 3 years. This would include sales letters, special announcements for business expansions and new product announcements.

Blog Post

Chandra has had the opportunity to write multiple blog posts for various car companies, home makerover websites, and insurance and sales related websites. She has contracted directly with the company and through other websites such as this one.


Writing topics on various subjects is a cinch for Chandra, because all of her articles are well researched and edited until ready for publishing. She has included a partial from an article recently written for a blog post.

Newsletter Content

Chandra has written newsletters for 2 different companies which promoted their services and products. Since she has a background in sales, she finds this material the easiest to create.

Product Description

Product descriptions include describing cities that she's never lived in but has thoroughly researched for a website. She has written over 5 City descriptions for an Apartment Finding Guide and has exceeded expectation for each article.

White Paper

Chandra is a B2B copywriter and has written a white paper for a company promoting a sales technology. She's currently under contract to write another white paper for a technology company.

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