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Having taught college courses for over two years, Jacob has learned to hone the characteristics of effective writing that he has trained in his students: clarity, organization, and rhetoric. With meticulous attention to detail and rigorous research, he provides educated, thoughtful, and engaging writing. Further, with backgrounds in a milieu of fields--from literature to film, from the restaurant industry to education, from music to sports, for example--he is able to deliver intelligent writing to a number of intended audiences. In addition to his experience as a teacher and academic writer, Jacob is also in the process of writing a novel and a collection of short stories.


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As a budding scholar, Jacob converted his M.A. thesis into a conference presentation and a short article, which he is preparing for publication. Similar to the rest of his scholarly work, this article examines how the aesthetics of a literary work (David Foster Wallace's "Infinite Jest," in particular) can elicit ecological sensibility in its readers.

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Press Release

While living in Brooklyn, Jacob developed press releases, promotions, social media posts, and advertisements for both a local restaurant and for a local indie band. These projects helped develop the clients' online presence, increasing revenue for the restaurant and helping raise funds for the band's independent record distribution.

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