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He has been writing about the green lifestyle, home and garden, maintenance and construction both on a business and consumer level, for years. He is considered a "maven," which equates to the best of the best, for describing products at a site called Bestcovery, he has have ghostwritten an extensive library of articles for a site called Zery's about HVAC, household pests, and home efficiency, and I am one of the featured writers about RVs at a site called Outdoorsy.

He has authored articles about cars, historical aircraft, pop art, and is an editorial writer for a music site called IMove ILIVE. In addition, he has contributed many articles about the outdoors from hiking to kayaking, fishing to biking and everything in between.


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Industry Projects

  • Green Living1,000+
  • Outdoor/Recreation500+
  • Home Living500+

Summary of Industry Experience

Green Living

He has written thousands of articles about the green industry, from high tech solar and wind mills to low tech blown in insulation and straw houses, recycling, diversity, efficiency, organics, even being green in everyday life, and everything in between. In fact, he may be the most experienced green writer on the net.


He has been writing outdoor and recreation articles for years, and this includes exercise articles as well as genuine recreational articles. He is an expert kayaker, hiker, biker, camper and he has used both tents and RVs when he gets out into the wilderness. In fact, he is a featured writer for two RV sites, one is called Outdoorsy and one is called Wheelbase Pro. He may be known as the "Green Guy," but outdoors and recreation is his middle name.

Home Living

He has authored, perhaps thousands, of HVAC, heating and air conditioning articles for various businesses, some of which have his name attached and most of which are ghostwritten. He is the featured writer for HVAC articles at a site called Zery's, and he has many direct assignments per month during the heating and cooling seasons.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post500+
  • Product Description500+
  • Script/Video100+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

He has written too many blog posts to count, and they have been all across the board from cancer awareness, pest control, HVAC, survival, over the road truckers, and many many others. To show his diversity, he'll include an excerpt from some of the best chickens to own for the beginning chicken farmer and egg production.

Product Description

He has written product descriptions for many sites, and has even gotten products from companies for him to endorse. At one particular site called Bestcovery, he is tagged as a "maven," which means the best of the best. He shall include a brief summary of a product from that site.


He does real world video project reviews and demonstrations of many different types of products. All done in HD format, he demonstrates the product to show how it works, and tailors the videos to the site that needs them. They are informative, entertaining and done in the real world so that people know exactly what they are getting.

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