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Have worked with various companies in the last 7 years to develop content to be used on blogs, website pages, receivables, etc. Several positions included virtual assistance positions as well where business letters, emails, flyers and other writings were produced.


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Industry Projects

  • Technology50+
  • Marketing20+
  • Business10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Her technology aptitude is of a level that she can easily learn about and produce technology centered articles for various technology companies under such subjects as computer technology, internet security, virtual reality, wearable games and much more.


She has concentrated on marketing and virtual assistance to web design and marketing companies. She also has an excellent grasp of keyword writing with sensability.


Having an associate's degree in business and working on a global scale for the last 5+ years, her business knowledge is expansive. She can write about many things that are business oriented as well as business letters, resumes, etc. She can also summarize meetings, produce reports for clients, produce deliverables as needed.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post50+
  • Article20+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

She writes blog posts on point and within needed word ranges. She finds interesting and intelligent ways to spin keyword articles so they are not spammy but informative or entertaining.


She can write technology based articles, articles over 500 words long, as well as articles of high quality that may require research and development.

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