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Aishia has worked in different types of environments from retail to call centers for mobile phone providers. Aishia has an extensive background in Telecommunications as a Business Wireless Technical Support representative. In this field, she has gained knowledge of air cards, wireless phones, computers and software programs used in conjunction with one another.
She is proficient in Microsoft programs. Aishia is capable of finding solutions to any problems that she is faced with. Her goal is not to know everything but to be able to get the answers that she needs. She is constantly working to improve her skills, even after she may have perfected them, there's always more that can be achieved.

Aishia believes her greatest accomplishment is parenting. This gives her great communication and multi-tasking skills. She focuses on quality results in everything that she does especially writing and customer satisfaction. Aishia is very detail-oriented, she is adaptable, a self-starter and she is very good with deadlines. Her bottom line and goal are to achieve results no matter what line of business she decides to plant herself in.
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Parenting, cooking, self-help, motivational/inspirational writing, arts & crafts, mobile devices-phones, laptops, wireless cards.


Aishia love's writing, reading all types of stories and spending time with family. She is a stay at home wife and mother of 4. Her children's ages range from 4 to 19 years old. She also sets her own schedule part-time as a Postmates courier which allows her to be home with her family and have an income, all while coming in contact with a very versatile group of people. She enjoys board games, video gaming, cleaning and organizing.


Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

Preparation for a career in Fashion Design through hands on activities which include pattern drafting and dressmaking, fashion sketching, computer programs and design being the focus. Taking a look at the history of fashion, textiles and color theory.


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Aishia is a stay-at-home wife and mother who has set off on her own career path as a virtual assistant and blogger. She uses writing to express her innermost thoughts and feelings that most times cannot be verbalized. Through her writing she wants to inspire other women to do what it is that they love to do, even when they feel that no one is supportive of their decisions, they should always push through. She has not written any work for the industry as of yet.

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While Aishia has just begun writing professionally, she began writing recreationally at an early age. At that time she already knew that writing was her passion and always wanted to become an author. Now as a blogger she has accomplished only one part of the dream she has had since she was that 12-year-old little girl. Her writing has evolved and as a wife and mother who has been through many different experiences that add to her vision and what she has to say. she uses her experiences to help other mothers in their transition from the corporate employee role to the stay at home, work from home mom role.

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