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Sally has a Master's in English literature with a minor in writing, and a Bachelor's in the same. She has been writing SEO blog content for 4 years, and she was a proofreader and editor for a home school curriculum company before that. With her freelance job writing blog articles and her master's degree research skills, Sally is a solid article writer!


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Sally has been writing SEO blog articles as a freelancer for 4 years. She not only writes blogs, but she proofreads and edits as needed by clients. She also recently revised a 7th grader's first novel for a self publishing company. Below is the introduction to an SEO article written for a marketing client.

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Most of Sally's writing work has been on the web. She writes between 9 and 14 SEO blog articles per month covering a wide range of topics, from chiropractic to landscaping to roofing. Below is a sample of an introduction to a blog written for a CPA client.

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