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Barbara T has been writing professionally for more than 15 years, and has worked primarily as a reporter and editor for daily and weekly community newspapers north of Boston. Highlights of her work in the newspaper industry include reporting on the waterfront and the commercial fishing industry for the Gloucester Daily Times, and editing two alternative, arts-centric weekly newspapers.She has also covered educational issues and news as both a staff reporter and freelance correspondent. More recently, she has been focusing on economic issues and business profiles for both online and print publications.


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Presentations are an opportunity to present a comprehensive view of an issue, product, project or plan.

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Reporting on manufacturing has allowed Barbara T to cover a broad range of businesses and industries. She has written news stories, business profiles and industry reports for general audiences and readers of B-to-B publications.


Barbara T has had the opportunity to interview and profile many local musicians, and to report on different organizations, events and performances.

Non Profit

Newspapers cover non-profit organizations in different ways. Reporting on fundraising events helps draw attention to an issue or cause. Stories that highlight individual examples and personal stories of non-profit activities and services are also good ways to cover an organization.


While covering the presidential primary in New Hampshire has been a career highlight, for Barbara T one of the most interesting types of political reporting involves local issues and elections. Those are often the types of stories that involve politics that directly impact readers.


Barbara T has designed and managed the arts and entertainment sections of three different newspapers, and edited an alternative newspaper with a heavy focus on arts. She also also reported extensively on local artists and arts organizations.

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Summary of Product Experience


Presentations are an opportunity to present a comprehensive view of an issue, product, project or plan.

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