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Ann’s background in high technology has provided her with a solid writing foundation. Throughout her career, she has produced content in the form of technical papers, presentations, training materials, and marketing collateral. Recently, she has produced online content, which includes blogs, web-based materials, and other social media deliverables. Ann has covered a variety of subjects, ranging from real estate to entrepreneurship, which includes networking, career development, and productivity.


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Industry Projects

  • Marketing100+
  • Technology50+
  • Real Estate50+

Summary of Industry Experience


In today's digital world, an online presence is a necessity. Ann's recent work in online marketing has given her the opportunity to provide content in the social media, web, and blog spaces. Her deliverables include articles for specific businesses and general topics, such as management and productivity.


Over the course of her career in high tech, Ann produced writing content as a member of the technical marketing, pre-sales, channel marketing, and management teams. Deliverables included white papers, customer presentations, training materials, user manuals, and marketing collateral.

Real Estate

The real estate market is a highly competitive space, which means clients need a differentiating/creative touch. Ann has worked to help create unique content that showcases local listings and highlights unique aspects of the geographical area. As a result, she authored original web content and blogs that featured local inventory and drove sales by implementing effective SEO techniques.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Press Release100+
  • Article20+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

As a writer in today's online community, writing blogs is a necessity. Ann has a proven track record in this area. She has written blogs covering technology, real estate, management, and entertainment. She has produced content that has required a variety of guidelines that have been specified by the client, such as the inclusion of keywords and specific style guidelines.

Press Release

Ann has worked with a number of clients to produce press releases for web content. She used her marketing background to craft quotes and messaging to promote corporate events and strategies.


Over the years, Ann has authored a number of articles. They have ranged from technical items to more informal subjects. Recently, she has accepted assignments that have proven to be more interesting, such as discussions about food and wine. Ann enjoys researching new topics and learning new things, which is why writing is such an exciting field!

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