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Leslie is a stay at home mom who discovered a passion for writing at age 14. She began with poetry, and progressed to short stories in high school. She developed a gift for writing observation, argument, and opinion pieces in college, and posts them on social media and blog sites. While Leslie has never been paid to write, she takes pride in her work and considers quality to be far more important than quantity.


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Leslie’s expertise in the area of kids and family stems from being a parent and having a blended family. The daily struggle of managing a household and taking care of children is the best place to draw material from, and writing in this industry based on personal experience and common sense opens a wider base of perspective and purpose within a piece.


Leslie’s expertise in this industry comes from having many types of interpersonal relationships, including professional, academic, and domestic. While Leslie has no formal education in sociology or psychology, she believes there is value in understanding how relationships work from a layman’s point of view. Again, writing based on personal experience allows a writer to express their perspective on a topic.


Leslie’s expertise in this industry is derived from being a human being. Everyone has opinions regarding social issues, and she is no exception. Some of her areas of interest include LGBT rights, feminism, gun control, and the ongoing PC debate. She takes pride in her ability to look at an issue from all possible angles.

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Summary of Product Experience


Below is an excerpt from an editorial piece written in response to an article in The Boston Globe regarding plagiarism perpetrated by a school official. Leslie wrote this in her first semester of college as an assignment for a composition class. This article was not published, but is part of Leslie's writing portfolio.

Blog Post

Below is an excerpt from a blog post Leslie wrote as part of an assignment for a composition class. The concept behind the assignment was to promote constructive debate in a social media setting. In order to meet the requirements of this assignment, Leslie had to write the blog post using at least three outside sources of information, and present both sides of the debate within her post.

Facebook Post

Facebook has just about a billion users who post regular status updates. Leslie is among that number. As a rule of thumb, many of her Facebook posts are actually rants related to modern social and political issues including, but not limited to gun control, feminism, politics, and relationships.

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