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A graduate from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor in 2014, Greg currently works as a literary and talent management assistant in the Entertainment Industry. His educational background includes all forms of Social Sciences, Communications, Spanish, and Creative and Professional Writing. Some of his best work comes from tight deadlines as he is very disciplined and works well under pressure. A large part of this mindset has been instilled in him though his profession as an assistant to Hollywood Executives. He'd like to continue to learn, and expand his abilities through freelance writing.


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Industry Projects

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Performed coverage of numerous scripts for talent agents and managers. Created sheets for clients to present to record labels, film festivals, and other representation and events. Edited and reviewed client resumes for accuracy. Posted original job postings to entice qualified applicants to the positions available.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Approached to write articles for talent (actors, musicians...etc.) who required documentation of their recent experience to earn a US Green Card/Visa. All experience was real and true, however, no articles had ever been published in the public domain since their roles were too insignificant in the given projects.

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