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Ian specializes in SEO marketing, with an emphasis on finance, business, human resources, retail, and hospitality topics.

Services he provides: social media marketing, ghostwriting, blog posts, press releases, special reports, magazine articles, eBooks, case studies, and white papers.


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  • Beauty100+

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SEO marketing is a hot topic, and of course, SEO rules apply. Keywords are important, as well as using plenty of white space, bold headings, bullet points, and interesting content that is easy to digest. A big mistake many writers make is using complicated language and jargon. Keeping language simple is an aid to the busy people reading it, and the content can be enjoyed by a wider audience.


The financial world is constantly changing, and the challenge is to write on evergreen topics in order to have more longevity in regards to blogs and articles. The topic is felt by many to be dry and dull, but if written well, the world of finance is fascinating.


After two decades working in the cosmetic industry as a makeup artist, the writer has turned to writing about cosmetics, plastic surgery, dermatology, spa treatments, and products. This is a fascinating field that is continually changing, though it is easy to write evergreen articles since the principles remain the same no matter how different products and treatments can be from one another.

Product Projects

  • Newsletter Content100+
  • Blog Post100+

Summary of Product Experience

Newsletter Content

The key to writing engaging newsletter content is similar to writing blog posts and articles. SEO principles must be adhered to, utilizing plenty of white space, topical keywords, bold headings, bullet points, and of course, interesting topics.

Blog Post

Blog posts about a variety of topics, ranging from anti-aging beauty treatments to global banking issues. Interesting and engaging posts are key to holding and maintaining reader interest. SEO principles are always used, with plenty of white space and short paragraphs. Bullet points, headings, and sub-headings are helpful, enabling? readers to understand the topic at a glance.

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