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Jon has been working in editorial since 1991, with a few years off for market research/intelligence projects and reports. He's been an editor and writer at B2B publications in print, websites, blogs, e-newsletters, and video production. Most of his career has been spent in publications covering automotive, transportation, and mobility markets. Coverage has included automakers, auto dealers, fleet management, car rental, used vehicles/remarketing, and advanced technologies shaping mobility. In recent years, he's been the editor of Green Auto Market, which covers electric vehicles and alternative fuels. He has written a white paper on self-driving cars, and a book on Uber and the revolution taking place in urban mobility. In market research/intelligence, he's written studies on the electric vehicle market in China, a municipal fleet's sustainability program, and car rental companies expanding in global markets.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Jon has written for and edited business publications in automotive covering new and used vehicle sales; used vehicle valuation trends; dealer operations and marketing; fleet management; alternative fuel and electrified vehicles; car rental; and digital marketing. He's also been involved in market research studies including consumer and B2B surveys, and market intelligence reports on global markets and the regulatory environment.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Jon has written hundreds of news stories and feature articles, primarily for B2B publications and a few consumer media articles. Topics include auto industry trends, transportation and mobility, alternative fuels and electrified vehicles, dealer management, fleet management, used car trends, and "new media" marketing.

Newsletter Content

Jon offers years of experience in writing and editing newsletters reaching stakeholders and decision makers in automotive, transportation, and mobility. In recent years, he's put out daily and weekly e-newsletters using content management systems such as WordPress and distribution systems such as Constant Contact. He's also worked with advertisers/sponsors on banner ads and content marketing - including guest editorials, video interviews, news announcements, reader surveys, and monthly readership reports with analysis.

White Paper

He's written white papers for clients who want to bring education and analysis of key market and regulatory trends to their peer communities. That's included how companies can set up emissions tracking reports on their fleet vehicles, and what autonomous vehicle testing will mean for automakers, technology companies, and regulators in coming years.

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