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Jonathan has been writing off and on for over 40 years. His first paid assignments were as a reporter and news editor for his college newspaper. As part of his career in business data processing, he has written user technical documentation, including user guides, paying close attention to detailed step-by-step "how-to" directions.

For 12 years, Jonathan was a frequent volunteer writer for the monthly newspaper (36-64 pages) of a homeowner's association. He started by writing a monthly column of 1500-2000 words summarizing regional news for the resident and non-resident owners. In addition, he wrote:

1. A regular column of consumer health information for the local physician, some of which also appeared in the bi-weekly newspaper of a nearby town.
2. An extensive series on major destination resort developments that posed potential economic competition to the community.
3. A short series of informational articles discussing fire department staffing methodologies, fire-fighting techniques, and firefighter training.
4. A number of human interest articles on local history, personality profiles, and community activities.
5. Articles describing activities of local businesses, a local environmental group, government review of water rates, and other local news.
6. A considerable number of thoughtful opinion pieces discussing issues confronting the community. Jonathan's emphasis with these always was to offer facts and logical presentation to educate and persuade the reader.

For almost all of this writing, Jonathan did his own research, including searching the internet, reading documents, conducting interviews, visiting sites and locales, attending meetings, and limited photography.

Jonathan has had a number of letters to the editor published in the Wall Street Journal and local newspapers. Again, he always has employed facts and logic to make a thoughtful case that persuades the reader.

During his 20+ year career in business data processing, Jonathan wrote a number of user documentation pieces, including:

1. Supporting documentation for a set of Excel spreadsheets developed to organize staffing and budget data for a county social services agency.
2. For an apparel manufacturer, business documents describing how to use:
a. A newly established change management procedure for business software applications.
b. A change request form and associated log.
c. Work breakdown structures.
d. A business plan for information resources management.
e. A comprehensive Information Management Library Contributor’s Guide.
3. A complete User’s Guide, including an accompanying reference card, for a newly developed and installed personnel requisition system.
4. An article explaining data processing technical terms that was published in Inside Case Management, July, 1998.
5. The first desk manual for the data entry clerk position of a small traffic management consulting firm.


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Responding to questions about staffing at the local fire department, Jonathan volunteered to write for the fire chief a series of articles to appear in the community's monthly newspaper. The purpose of the series was to educate the public on the technical aspects of how a fire department works and how it is different from a typical business, and thereby elevate the public's understanding and opinion of its firefighters. Jonathan developed a proposed a year-long series of articles pertinent to the community. Article titles included:

Mutual Aid Agreements: What they are; how they work; why we need them
OR-OSHA 2-in/2-out Rule: its applications and implications
Staffing: Minimum staffing policy; the good, the bad, and the ugly
Structural Organization: Who does what
Wildland/Urban Interface Issues: Strategic approaches; defensible space
Training: What, why, where, and how
Public Education/Public Information: Functions and distinctions
Reserve Firefighter Program: Why we have it, how it works, what it costs; benefits of funding it
Department Of Public Safety & Training (DPSST): Purpose and functions; professional credentialing
Non-emergency functions of the fire department: What they are; who does them
Holiday safety challenges; cold weather concerns

For each article, Jonathan researched the topic from sources provided by the fire chief and found on the internet, and then interviewed the chief to get his professional perspective.

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Summary of Product Experience


Jonathan has written dozens of articles on topics ranging from local history to personal health and safety to community events and activities to personality profiles. Some of these he wrote as a volunteer reporter/writer for The Scene, the monthly newspaper published by the Sunriver Owners Association of Sunriver, OR. Jonathan covered stories on water rate increases, business openings and anniversary celebrations, regional news and trends, club activities and community events. He also researched and wrote a series of in-depth articles on other destination resort communities - existing, under construction, and planned - that posed competition to Sunriver. This series was credited with persuading so many Sunriver owners of the need to improve community amenities that they passed a major increase in owner dues, including funding for a new $19 million aquatics and recreation facility.

Professionally, Jonathan has received compensation for articles written for a local medical practice, a tennis pro offering lessons and coaching. and a local non-profit association of volunteers promoting wildfire safety, water quality and fish habitat in the Deschutes River and wildlife protection. Often, these articles were written/edited to appear under someone else's name.

Press Release

While most of Jonathan's writing experience has been on the writing/editing side of journalism, he has enjoyed a few opportunities to write press releases. When he works with clients, Jonathan focuses on two questions. First, what is the story (event, opening/anniversary, new product/service, etc.) the client wants to tell, especially what does the client want emphasized. Second, what are the important or key facts that give the story substance and interest. Jonathan helps the client craft quotes that make the story a personal communication from the client to the reader.

With all the material at hand, Jonathan writes a release that is easy for the publication reporter/editor to use verbatim or almost verbatim. This helps to ensure the client retains control over his/her message.

Newsletter Content

For about 12 years, Jonathan carried a column in The Scene, the monthly newspaper published by the Sunriver Owners Association of Sunriver, OR. While this writing was published as a column, it functioned like a newsletter. The column title was "In a Nutshell," and was designed to provide a newsletter-like collection of news - events and trends - from Central Oregon outside of Sunriver. The column typically consisted of several broad categories - Business Briefs (business news), Class Notes (news about local schools), Good Deeds (awards and people helping others), Govt. Goings On (government decisions and programs), plus the occasional standalone story.

Jonathan prepared IANS from press releases and news articles published in other Central Oregon newspapers, providing regional news that would be important or of interest to readers who live or own property in Sunriver, especially the non-resident owners who don’t have easy access to such information. The content ranged from serious, sometimes complex, heartwarming and humorous.

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