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Leigh is a full-time writer who specializes in Business and Health related writing for businesses and professionals who are looking to promote their brands through engaging and informative books and copy. She is bilingual, has MBA level education and a strong medical management background.

Leigh has the heart of a teacher and her clients appreciate that she can break done high-level topics like biology, nutrition, risk management, finance, business taxes, technology, as she shares information in a friendly and informative way. She receives stellar reviews from clients for her consistent customer care, high-quality product and dynamic creativity.


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Leigh M's Business Industry Experience

60 Projects Completed

Leigh writes many books for business professionals who are branding themselves as leaders, innovators, teachers and experts in their fields.

Additionally, she writes for businesses seeking informative books that help them promote their brands.

Industry Projects

  • Health100+
  • Medical50+
  • Business50+
  • Finance50+
  • Real Estate20+
  • Technology20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Leigh has a health management background and high-level knowledge of body function, procedures, diagnoses and treatment plans. She writes many books and articles on medical, natural medicine, wellness and fitness.


Having worked in the medical industry for 10 years, and being a naturally inquisitive person, Leigh has developed an ability to read medical research, articles, etc. designed for the Doctor audience and break the information down so that it is understandable to the average reader, explaining with simile, definitions and step by step explanations that engage the reader and make them want to learn more.


Leigh writes many books for business professionals who are branding themselves as leaders, innovators, teachers and experts in their fields.

Additionally, she writes for businesses seeking informative books that help them promote their brands.


Leigh completed MBA Financial Accounting with an A and enjoys everything numbers and finance. She stays up to date on trends and current events related to finance and the economy. She has helped industry authorities share information and ideas through extensively researched articles and books. One such book was a full length piece on business taxes. She understands how to break down complex information for the average person to engage, entertain and educate. She has covered the topics of budgeting, getting out of debt, various banking services, power of attorney

Real Estate

Leigh has written several books, articles and copy on real estate, marketing, finance and business. She enjoys the science, finance, marketing and psychology behind business transactions of all kinds and breaking down information for readers.


As a corporate manager, Leigh worked closely with the IT department, assisting with share drive management, permissions, resource development and management. She has a strong curiosity for everything tech and stays current on tech trends especially as they relate to business. Because she is self-taught and not an IT professional, she is able to research various tech topics and convey information that is very understandable for the average person. She has written books on topics ranging from optimizing digital desk environments to cloud best practices to best business app reviews.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Web Page100+
  • Book100+
  • Email Copy10+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Leigh has built her career on helping clients promote themselves through engaging content. With a genuine love for learning and sharing with others, she had developed a broad and often expert knowledge across many technical industries. Leigh combines readability, targeting, engagement, dynamism, call to action, 2016 SEO best practices with a creative flair that helps her clients stand out in a sea of cookie cutter content.

Web Page

When Leigh writes copy for websites, she considers the copy from the customer's perspective. What does the customer want to hear about the company for whom she is writing? She then designs a message or works with a company's existing message to engage the customer and call them to action.


Leigh writes many books for businesses and professionals. Before she begins, she discusses who the target reader is and what the "author's" goals are for the book. She then utilizes her copywriting skills coupled with a love of sharing information in a friendly and informative way to meet the client's goals.

Leigh also provides several services related to books. She is a very experienced formatter for iBook, PDF, Kindle, Other eBook sites, CreateSpace (print). Additionally, she graphically designs interior images, graphs, etc. as well as impactful and professional Front-Back & 3D covers for clients. Leigh can also design professional HTML book descriptions for Amazon.

Email Copy

Leigh writes engaging copy that gets the target reader excited about the promoted product/service and can complete graphic design through MailChimp.

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