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Lisa has been a freelance writer since 2010. Prior to writing, she worked in many fields. Some of her work experience includes: owning a small retail store, teaching preschool, working in property management, and accounting. The variety of work experience she has helps tremendously in her writing career. She can often provide clients with content that is a nice blend of hands-on experience and research.

In the years she has been writing web content, she has found that blogs are her favorite thing to write. By nature, she is personable and casual, and that comes across in her writing style. Of course, she will also put together a factual or technical piece when necessary. Her goal is to provide clients with the content they want and need.


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Lisa has always had animals of her own and has enjoyed volunteering at various animal rescues. She currently has dogs, cats, a pot bellied pig, miniature donkeys and horses. She also owned and ran a small tack shop for just over ten years. In addition to her hands on experience, Lisa has done a great deal of research for different articles she has written about animals and veterinarians.

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Lisa enjoys writing blogs because she can make use of her casual and conversational writing skills. She feels that people read blogs to get a personal feel, and this is her favorite style of writing. She has written blogs on a number of different subjects. When faced with a topic with which doesn't have actual hands on experience, she is still able to add a personal touch.

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