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Wendy writes under the pen name, Yari. Yari is a contributing writer for tunedinparents.com where she writes articles focused on fitness and nutrition, wellness, and self improvement. She was also the lead writer for an entertainment blog, flairtv.com. Yari enjoys writing about the stories of others. She is fascinated by the awareness that every person has one and she wants to share that unique story with others. Her passion for investigative journalism grew past the boundaries of just news and she found her niche writing feature stories on celebrities while working with flairtv.com. Finding the "story behind the story"; being able to highlight the details behind the obvious; and crafting a finished product that's as unique as the person behind the tale is what motivates, inspires, and drives her to write.


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Wendy (Yari) contributes articles about healthy living through fitness and nutrition. She emphasizes the skills and tools that can help you succeed at your fitness and nutrition goals.


Wendy (Yari) writes about the benefits of healthy, clean nutrition. She pairs information about healthy food with recipes that readers can try for themselves.

Self Help

Wendy (Yari) contributes articles about improving the quality of your life by improving yourself first. The topics she covers range from managing your thoughts to practicing gratitude daily as ways to change your emotional state and your outlook on the world around you.

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Wendy (Yari) is a contributing writer for www.tunedinparents.com where she writes articles providing tips for parents on how to develop and manage a healthy and fit lifestyle. Her work ranges from self-help and motivational content to nutritional tips. From how positive self-talk and gratitude can enhance one's life to how to make healthy eating a part of family life, Yari emphasizes a complete approach to wellness embodying the physical, mental and emotional aspects of life. She also writes feature pieces on parents highlighting extraordinary aspects of their lives as leaders in their communities or their respective fields of expertise.

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