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Carlin, NV
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Has done several pieces of ghost writing (not interested in that niche anymore).
Maintains a personal blog about veganism and alternative lifestyle.
Moderates local Facebook LGBT page since 2011.
Co-moderates Facebook group dedicated to gender-fluidity.
Writes poetry and short works of fiction as a hobby.


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Maintains a personal blog with regard to veganism. Vegan recipes are frequently posted, as well as the exploration of veganism in other cultures.


Mental health is the main focus. Research is done on general health, but with a college background surrounding mental health, it tends to come through in most health-related articles.


Alternative lifestyle comes into play when it comes to family. Articles are written from a non-traditional approach.

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Blog Post

Blog posts are the most common content offered. It's a comfortable area, being that blogging and journal-writing has been a MUST for the past 10-12 years.

Facebook Post

Facebook is a very familiar outlet. Several posts are made daily on personal page. Maintains poetry page, as well as Facebook groups.

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